According to the wishes of the owner is to use a one bedroom apartment and work room from the present side of the status 2 bedrooms. We have renovated the extra bedroom into a common living area, which can use a sliding door to form a separate room depending on the purpose of use


Seize the request of the owner to design a luxurious space, elegant. We were driven to the New Classic style that was mixed with the luxury furniture that brings the modern Italian contours to create a subtle, dramatic space.

Because the owner has a hobby of travel and discovery, the TV cabinet is combined with glass panels to showcase souvenirs. Combined with colonial print wallpaper create a luxurious and exquisite. . The furniture brings soft contours contrasting with the vertical detail of the wall plate.

The kitchen area is readjusted on the ground to retrieve the area of the Bar layout and wine cabinets to create additional functions used for the apartment. Stone floor plates give the impression of space as well as separate each area of the apartment.




The impressive bedroom with a high-end mosaic bed has a sparkling and stylish atmosphere. Furniture is a combination of antique electric shape combined with modern lines, tasteful colors create luxurious contemporary space.

The bathroom is rearranged to connect to the bedroom making the space more airy. The open bathroom trend has been popular and is being favored in recent years. The design uses the wall array "mosaic" as the highlight of the luxury, combined with items as well as modern accessories but no less subtle.

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