Area: 132 m2


High-class apartment located in a prime location in the heart of the city with a view of the lush Saigon River, dynamic through the surrounding glass frame range, this advantage also makes the apartment is full of light, Grace study to the psychology and vision of the user Using the entire white wall, the status is almost black in color to reduce the intensity of light reflexes controlled at a level of comfort with an eye view in the apartment, and also the background for large artwork according to guest's collectibles Restaurant.

1. Living & dining room

The details of the curtain material, bed linen, sofa and wallpaper are carefully selected from famous European firms by experts in the array of luxury interior finishing in the standard of 5 star hotels.
The design and construction team always follow the progress and update the actual details from the first day of the idea, find samples of good materials and give the method, drawings and ultimately finish the product in the most way.


2. Bed room

With a grayish investment as well as customer support in adjusting the appropriate price. We are confident to bring the same value to the amount of investment customers!


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